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If your business is related to China, for instance in the travel business, Chinese cultural or language products, and you are looking for highly-targeted traffic and leads, you might want to consider advertising on our site.

This page will help answer some questions as to who we are, who our visitors are and terms and conditions about advertising with us.


Our site went live in January 2008. Our aim from the beginning has been to provide good quality content in a family-friendly environment, about China, its places, people, and culture.

Since then, our traffic has been climbing steadily every month, and today our site ranks within the top 1% of all websites in the internet.

In the travel industry in particular, competition is quite heavy. We rank high with the major search engines for the main keywords that dominate the themes of our site:

  • "China Family Adventures"
  • "Chinese Culture for Kids"
  • "China Family Travel"
  • "China Travel with Children"
  • "China Travel with Kids"

Both terms rank on the first page of search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing, giving our site excellent exposure.


Our pages, besides being cleanly written and attractively displayed with graphics and videos that enhance our visitors experience, have been optimized to rank well for the different topics they represent.

About our Visitors

Our visitors come from every corner of the world, with the majority at the moment from the United States and other English speaking countries.

Our pages are in the process of being translated into Spanish, which have further enhanced our reach and traffic opportunities.

China Family Adventure demographics are varied but they all share one common trait: our visitors want to expand their knowledge of China, from pre-schoolers wanting to learn about Chinese Dragons, to adults planning a future trip to China.

Your advertising efforts and budget will yield better results when you offer something of value to our audience, and together we will search for the best place within our site to place your ad.

Types of Advertising

Horizontal Banner

A Horizontal Banner measures 468x60px, and can be placed:
  • at the top of the page right below the headline so it is one of the first things the visitor sees when they land on the page, or

  • at the bottom of the page below the content, making it the last thing the visitor sees before exiting to a different page.
advertise with china family adventure banner

Horizontal Banners are provided by the advertiser.

Skyscraper Banner

advertise with china family adventure skyscraper
A Skyscraper Banner measures 120x600 px or 160x600 px, and can be placed along the right hand side of the page.

  • Skyscrapers can be provided by the advertiser or,

  • We can create an "information box" with write-up along the same dimensions, where you, the advertiser, provide a small graphic or logo and short description of your business or product (about 40 words) and URL to your site. We will build the ad for you.

We have found this is an effective way to capture our visitors attention and use these boxes throughout our site.

Ad Button

advertise with china family adventure button
An Ad Button measures 120x120 px and can be placed:
  • on the right hand side of the page
  • within the content of the page in limited cases

Ad Buttons are provided by the advertiser.

Sponsored Pages

Sponsored Pages are full page ads featuring your product or service. They are individual pages that will be linked to the most relevant page on our site making it easy to find by our visitors. Your sponsored page may include graphics, pictures or logos.

This is an example of a Sponsored Page, still under work as photographs, links and logos need to be included.

One great feature of this option, is that you can direct your customers to add their own testimonials/tour reviews, as in this example. In our view, happy customers are the best form of advertising. There is no extra charge for these extra pages, but we do reserve the right to edit unappropriate or irrelevant posts.

Your Sponsored Page will be tailored to your needs and requirements.

Pricing and Payment

  • Prices for Buttons and Banners begin at an affordable US$10 per month

  • Pricing will depend on chosen page and location within the page

  • Sponsored Pages are US$25 per month, minimum initial 6-month commitment

  • All prices quoted are in US dollars

  • Payment accepted via PayPal, sorry no checks accepted

  • Invoicing and payment on a monthly/yearly basis

  • Both parties can cancel the agreement with 30 days notice

As our site continues to grow and our traffic increases, existing advertisers will always be offered the most competitive prices compared to newer incoming advertisers. We do value your business and support and hope for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note: In compliance with Google's webmaster guidelines all advertiser and paid links include the rel="nofollow" attribute

  • retains the sole right to decline any advertising and/or promotion that is deemed unsuitable for this site or of little interest to our site visitors

  • All advertising and payment options are subject to availability

  • No ads are accepted for our home page

  • No flash ads please

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