Maxi, Nis, Lily, Cashew and Max's Hike and Picnic at the Mutianyu Great Wall

by Lily

We have lived 12 years in Beijing and love visiting the Great Wall at Mutianyu. We average about 4 times a year.

Our cousin and friend were just visiting so we took them this past weekend.

Picnic at Great Wall Mutianyu

We went up the cable car and hiked to "our" private tower towards the hundreds of steps and had a nice "Great wall" picnic consisting of Nis, my husband's Great Wall sandwiches and a nice bottle of wine.

We then hiked a 1/2 hour to the toboggan area and rushed down with dogs and all. They love the experience and become quite agitated the minute they catch a glimpse of the toboggan.

Great Wall Mutianyu Toboggan

We love the Great Wall because of its peaceful and meditative aura.

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Aug 12, 2011

Thank you for sharing your adventure i will also visit this wall

Jul 08, 2010
by: Anna Olivia

Thanks for replying about the toboggan it is now on our list! And I really liked the extra information about the Pandas and rickshaw!

Jul 06, 2010
Toboggan at the Great Wall
by: Chris (10)

Hi Anna Olivia,
I was 7 when I visited the Great Wall, you definitely have to do the Toboggan it is a lot of fun and I think it is safe. They have people all along the toboggan to watch out that everyone is safe and to tell the people going too fast to slow down, or the ones taking pictures to stop that and "watch the road".

I wasn't tall enough then and had to ride with my dad, they have the "double" cars so we could ride together. He let me drive and operate the brake and it wasn't difficult. You can control your own speed and can go slow if you want. If you want to go slow, it is best to tell the person behind you to wait a while before going down, otherwise some people that want to go fast get very impatient behind you and stress you out.

I hope you have a lot of fun in Beijing, also try to go see the Pandas, they are cool, and the ride in the rickshaw through the hutongs was super.

Watch out for the crazy traffic and have fun!


Jul 05, 2010
Some advice
by: Anna Olivia

Hi Lily
I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am 9 and have moved to Bangkok for my Dad's work. My mother, my little brother and I want to go to Beijing to see the Great Wall. Do you feel safe in Beijing and is the tobbogan safe? Some peopel say it is dangerous but I REALLY want to do it! Do you have any tips for kids in Beijng? I would love your feedback.

Thank you,
Anna Olivia

Feb 19, 2010
Great Wall at Mutianyu - What Fun!!!!
by: Sandy Kibble

A visit to China is definitely on my To-Do list! These pictures of the Great Wall at Mutianyu are absolutely wonderful - Look how much fun those beautiful dogs are having! Hilarious!
I can't wait to be there in person!
By the way, this is my best China website, I visit often, and love the wealth of information you provide. Keep up the great work.

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