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China Travel Guide - Family Friendly Destinations
China Travel Guide: China is such a great land, where to go? what to do with kids? Plan your family-friendly itinerary to include a Toboggan ride down the Great Wall, biking in the countryside...
China Travel Info and Tips, when to go, how to get there... how can I charge my iPad?
China Travel Info and Tips: when to go, how to get there, all from visas to electricity in China, and practicalitites you need to know for your trip to China
China Travel with Children
Our tips for China Travel with Children: History and culture too boring? Put a camera in their hands... What about Chinese toilets, what's this squatting thing?...
Beijing with Kids
Beijing Travel with Kids. The Forbidden City... the largest palace in the world...the sight is impressive. Yet, to the kids the rows of buildings are starting to look all the same. What to do?
Great Wall of China... Climb up and Toboggan Down!
Journey to the Great Wall of China... several portions of the Wall are now accessible, where should you go with the kids? will grandma be able to climb? Badaling? Mutianyu? Simatai? Read more...
Xian, China - Travel to the Eastern end of the Silk Road
Xian, China - Traveling with the family to this ancient capital? Between the nearby Terracota Army, bike rides on the city wall, bargaining at the Markets, you have it covered!
Xian's Terracotta Army
Xian's Terracotta Army is a fascinating collection of +8,000 life-size warriors built more than 2,000 years ago by Emperor Qin to protect him in the next world. Take a look at this magnificent archaeological treasure...
Travel to Hong Kong with Kids
Travel to Hong Kong with Kids: ferry rides, big buddhas, colorful markets, thrilling rides, pandas, temples, fun foods, and yes, even Mickey Mouse!
Cruising China's Yangtze River
Our cruise through China's Yangtze River gave us a chance to see some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. It also gave us a glimpse of modern China at the world's largest power plant!
To Chengdu with Children - More than Giant Pandas!!!
If you are traveling to Chengdu with children, a stop at one of the Giant Panda Reserves will be a must. But that is not all there is to see and do in Chengdu. Come take a look...
Traveling to Tibet - with Children?
For travel to Tibet with children, there are a number of issues that need your consideration: altitude sickness, strong sun, food, tibetan dogs. Here are tips on dealing with them, and family-friendly alternatives to experiencing Tibetan culture.
The Leshan Buddha
A day trip to the Leshan Buddha is easily made from Chengdu. At 71 meters high, this is the largest Buddha in the world. It is carved on the side of the hill, where he sits overlooking the river.
Remote China: Off the Beaten Path... with kids
How about traveling to the more remote areas of China, the off the beaten path places away from the main tourist cities. Can this be done with children? Is it safe? Is it worth it?
Famous Chinese Mountains: Huangshan - Yellow Mountain
As famous Chinese mountains go, Huangshan or Yellow Mountain in China is at the top of the must-see list. It is not just the oddly shaped towering peaks surrounded by a sea of clouds, but also the ancient dwarf pines growing from any crevice imaginable, the hot springs in the mountain, the amazing sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, the waterfalls and streams...
Zhangjiajie Stone Forest - China's Avatar Mountains?
Zhangjiajie's Stone Forest in China's Hunan Province, are these the striking hanging mountains in the movie Avatar?
Our China Photos
China Photos from our China trips with grandma, grandpa and the kids. Lots to do in Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Cruise...
Our China Video Gallery
China Video Clips from our 2007 Trip. Join us as we fly kites in Tian'an Men Square, climb the Great Wall and toboggan down, bike in Xian, and more...
Chinese Culture... for kids!
Let's explore the many aspects of Chinese culture, from food to festivals, to dragons, tigers and pigs. Pigs? 2019 is the year of the Pig! Come and learn with us!
Chinese Zodiac for Kids
There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. They came when Buddha summoned them to him. A race was held to determine which would be first in the cycle, guess who came in first and why?
Learning Chinese Writing Symbols for Kids
Chinese writing symbols go back more than 3,000 years. Characters began as pictures. Pictures were drawn to resemble the items they represented. Students have to memorize many 'pictures' to be able to read and write, want to give it a try?
Traditional Chinese Festivals for Kids
Traditional Chinese Festivals are the life-blood of Chinese life and culture. They are all rich in tradition, history, great food, dazzling lights and flashy decorations! Take a look at these wonderful celebrations!
Are Chinese Dragons evil?
Unlike the western counterpart, Chinese Dragons are not considered bad enemies to be defeated. In Chinese culture, dragons are a symbol of wisdom, power and nobility and are found in everyday life.
Chinese Food for Kids
How different is Chinese food in China from what you are used to back home? In a country as immense as China, the diversity of its food is vast, these are the major styles you will encounter in the different regions.
China Map
China Map with places of interest for the kids: Where can you see the Great Wall? Where do Pandas live? News
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