Chinese New Year Hokkien Style in Malaysia

by Shirney

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Penang, Malaysia

Here are a few photos from our Chinese New Year celebration in Penang, Malaysia. It was a great start to the New Year!

We had some of the more popular dishes for our Chinese New Year banquet on New Year's Eve:

Chinese New Year Foods - ChickenChinese New Year Foods - PrawnsChinese New Year Foods - Fish
Suckling PigPrawnsFish
Chinese New Year Foods - AbaloneChinese New Year Foods - Fried Sticky RiceChinese New Year Foods - Steamed buns
Abalone and MushroomsSticky Fried RiceSteamed Buns

And of course the multi-color fresh vegetables are always a hit, a mix of carrots, white radish, cabbage all mixed together to denote new life and prosperity:

Chinese New Year Banquet

Celebrating Pai Thien Kung

According to Hokkien traditions, the "Pai Thien Kung" Celebration which occurs on the 9th Day of the New Year, is celebrated in grand style throughout the island.

The preparations start early on, Pai Thien Kung is a celebration of praying to the Gods of Heaven.

The houses and streets are lavishly decorated. Here we are busy preparing some josticks which will be lit on the eve of the celebration:

Chinese New Year Josticks

A small altar is set up in the homes by the families:

Chinese New Year Offerings

It contains the many offerings to the Heavenly Gods: fresh fruits, buns, candles, incense, gold money for burning...

Chinese New Year Offerings

...and of course the crispy suckling pig...

Chinese New Year Offerings

On the Eve of the Festival, it is now time to lit the josticks...

Chinese New Year Pai Thien Kung

... as the families come together to pray to the Gods of Heaven for prosperity in the new year...

Chinese New Year Offerings

...and the entire city comes alive with the celebrations...

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

Everyone comes out to celebrate, we spotted some of the cities functionaries, and tv personalities among the crowds...

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

All along the streets altars are set up, candles are lit...

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

People gather to celebrate and enjoy the good food, the festivities, the parades...

Chinese New Year Street Celebrations

As midnight approaches, families go back to their homes, the golden paper money which has been folded and prepared already for weeks, is set up in mountains, the higher the better and with a special crown at the top, this will be burned in a final offering to the Gods of Heaven.

Chinese New Year Burning Gold Paper

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Oct 16, 2015
Chinese Festivals
by: Xi

The Chinese would celebrate their regional festivals wherever they are. I have been part of their new year celebration in Malaysia and am quite impressed by their patriotic unity. It is something the people of all other nations have to see and learn.

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