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Happy New Year of the Ox!!!

May the Year of the Metal Ox bring prosperity, wealth and longevity
to you and your loved ones!

Happy Year of the Ox

Top Destinations in China - Where to Go

Top Destinations in China: China is such a great land, where to go? There is history, traditions and natural beauty in spades... and in total contrast, our megacities are a dazzling array of jaw-dropping skylines and futuristic infrastructure. So where should you start? What is there to do with the kids? Read on!

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Top 10 Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong is a lively and energetic city that is proud to show off its distinctive Chinese and colonial heritage. Get ready to discover a fascinating metropolis which once was not more than a congregation of small fishing villages. This is where state-of-the-art skyscrapers overlook old-style Chinese tradition... the temples, the old alleys, the markets... Here's our top 10 Hong Kong attractions to get you started!

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Top 10 Beijing Tourist Attractions

Coming up with Beijing Top 10 Tourist Attractions is no easy task as the city is home to many of China's most famous historical sights including renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Beyond historical sites, Beijing is a city that has transformed into a vital, fashionable and vibrant city with many attractions showcasing this transformation, the Olympic Village and a thriving contemporary Art district are examples. Here's our top 10 to get you started!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the world's most vibrant cities, a place where East meets West, Old meets New... This is such a dynamic city, a city for wandering... catching glimpses of ancient traditions and customs as you stroll the Old Town, and looking into the future as you traipse through ultra-modern skyscrapers, fast trains and and iconic skyline. Here's where to soak it all in and our top 10 things to do in Shanghai to get you started!

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Los Mejores Lugares Que Visitar En China

Principales destinos en China: China es una tierra inmensa, como decidir a donde ir? Hay historia, tradiciones y belleza natural en abundancia... y en un contraste total, las metropolis deslumbrantes con su infraestructura futurista... Por donde comenzar? Cuales son los mejores lugares que visitar con chichos? Aqui te guiamos...

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Best Water Towns Near Shanghai

Just a short drive from the skyscrapers and concrete sprawl of Shanghai you find a contrasting landscape of picturesque water towns and villages in the surrounding area which is entwined with canals, greenery and an easygoing and peaceful air. Come to admire the architectural beauty of the well-preserved towns, the very old houses lined up along the canals, the bridges criss-crossing them, the courtyards and pavillions brimming with centuries of history, and the uniqueness of the traditional waterfront culture. Here are the best watertowns near Shanghai that make an easy day or half-day trip.

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Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year celebrations begin on New Year's Day... red envelopes, feasts, lion dances, dragons and firecrackers... all for the next 15 days...

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Chinese New Year Decorations

So how do Chinese Deck the Halls? For traditional Chinese New Year decorations instead of shiny red Christmas balls we have shiny red lanterns, orange and mandarin trees replace the Christmas tree, and no boughs of holly, nor red berries... try plum and cherry blossoms instead!

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Chinese New Year Traditions and Preparations

According to Chinese New Year traditions, you must clean your house from top to bottom to get rid off all the bad luck gathered in the past year, settle all your debts, and put away all your knives, sonst the good luck will be cut-off!

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Chinese New Year - for kids!

Chinese New Year is on February 12, 2021, the Year of the Ox. The lion dances, the feasts, the parades, the lanterns, the firecrackers! Of all the Chinese festivals, Chinese New Year is for kids of all ages the most loved and anticipated...

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Chinese New Year in Singapore 2021

Singapore is a riot of colors and lights during the Chinese New Year festivities: Street Light Ups, Carnivals, Parades and of course fireworks! This year because of the pandemic, health and safety measures continue to adjust to the current conditions. The status of any large-scale public Lunar New Year event in Singapore may change at the last minute. Many events have gone virtual this year, including the Light Up Opening Ceremony and the Chingay Parade.Here's what's happening this Chinese New Year in Singapore.

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2021 Year of the Ox... What Will It Bring?!

2021 is the Chinese year of the Ox, the Metal Ox to be more precise. What does that mean? What does it have in store? What about babies born in the Year of the Ox? Find out!

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Chinese New Year in Beijing 2021

Two long-standing traditions of the Chinese New Year festivities take place in Beijing every year: colorful and lively Temple Fairs and bright and noisy firecrackers. Due to the challenging and everchanging conditions regarding the pandemic, check for any updated info or cancellations before you head out to any large-scale event and most of all have a harmonious, healthy and peaceful Spring Festival.

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Chinese New Year Lanterns: Making Your Own!

Let's make some easy Chinese New Year lanterns to decorate the house, hang by entrances, place on tables, liven up the classroom! All you need is some paper, gold and red, of course our lucky colors, scissors and glue.

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Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

The Chinese New Year Red Envelope is one of the favorite Chinese traditions for children since on New Year's Day, they are given the shiny things with money inside! Who gives, who gets, how much?

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