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Staying Connected: Using Your Cell Phone in China, Internet Access, Wi-Fi Coverage and SIM cards

Staying connected in China: will your cell phone work in China? How about your iPad or tablet? Tips for accessing the internet in China, about wifi, mobile networks and SIM cards.

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China Visa: who needs a Chinese Visa, where to apply for one

China Visa: who needs a Chinese Visa, where to apply for one, how does the 72 or 144 hour visa-free entry work and the latest china visa news.

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Chinese Writing: Good Luck Messages

Learn how to write good luck messages and greetings for the new year, these are some of the most popular symbols and we show you how to write them stroke by stroke for your own Chinese New Year banners: Good Fortune, Spring, Prosperity or FU.

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China Travel Guide - Planning your China Trip Step by Step

China Travel Guide: Plan your trip to China, a step by step guide and checklist that will take you from your door to the steps of the Great Wall...

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The 12 Chinese New Year Animals

There are twelve Chinese New Year Animals according to the Chinese Zodiac. What is this year's animal? What does it represent?

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Chinese New Year Greetings - Gong Xi Fa Cai!

What are some common Chinese New Year Greetings? How do you wish someone a Happy New Year in Chinese? Here are some of the most common phrases and sayings during this most important of holidays. Learn how to write them and make your own greeting cards and banners.

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Chinese New Year Decorations

So how do Chinese Deck the Halls? For traditional Chinese New Year decorations instead of shiny red Christmas balls we have shiny red lanterns, orange and mandarin trees replace the Christmas tree, and no boughs of holly, nor red berries... try plum and cherry blossoms instead!

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Chinese New Year Firecrackers

Chinese New Year Firecrackers are lit in front of houses and stores so that the evil spirits are scared away from the loud noises. Paper firecrackers are often used as decorations to add to the lively atmosphere of any Chinese celebration, here's how to make some!

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Electricity in China

Electricity in China: do I need an adapter, a converter or both? how to charge my phone, cameras, batteries in China

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Health and Safety in China

Health and Safety in China: Do you need any vaccinations when going to China, can you drink the water... tips for staying safe and healthy during your trip to China

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Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year celebrations begin on New Year's Day... red envelopes, feasts, lion dances, dragons and firecrackers... all for the next 15 days...

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Chinese Ghost Festival

Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day or the Qin Ming Festival takes place in the spring, this is the day Chinese honor their ancestors with offerings of food, incense, and paper money, all part of the ancient traditions and superstitions.

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Chinese New Year Traditions and Preparations

According to Chinese New Year traditions, you must clean your house from top to bottom to get rid off all the bad luck gathered in the past year, settle all your debts, and put away all your knives, sonst the good luck will be cut-off!

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The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, or around June in our Calendar, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival takes place. These are very noisy, colorful and exciting events with hundreds of teams of rowers competing in this great tradition. Dragon Boat Festival is on June 25, 2020

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China Books for Children

An array of China books for children that will get them reading and learning for fun! These books are a good introduction to the different themes, anything from the Great Wall to Chinese festivals, learning Chinese and practical china travel guides for kids.

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