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Coronavirus in China - Current Travel Restrictions

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a global pandemic. In China, the spread has been contained and many provinces are implementing measures to prevent a new outbreak. Policies and quarantine measures can change without any advance notice and implementation varies from region to region. Here are the current China travel restrictions due to coronavirus as of April 27, 2020.

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Chinese Zodiac for Kids

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. They came when Buddha summoned them to him. A race was held to determine which would be first in the cycle, guess who came in first and why?

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Who Was Confucius?

Who was Confucius? Why was he famous? Confucius was Chinas most famous philosopher. A government official, he saw growing disorder in the system and set out to develop a moral code based on respect, honesty, education, kindness and strong family bonds. His teachings are the basis for religious and moral life in China.

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Chinese Culture... for kids!

Let's explore the many aspects of Chinese culture, from food to festivals, to dragons, tigers and rats. Rats? 2020 is the year of the Rat! Come and learn with us!

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The Chinese Lantern Festival

During the Lantern Festival in the spring, thousands of brightly lit lanterns line the streets, setting the stage for the parades and colorful performances to mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Chinese New Year - for kids!

Chinese New Year started January 25, 2020, the Year of the Rat. The lion dances, the feasts, the parades, the lanterns, the firecrackers! Of all the Chinese festivals, Chinese New Year is for kids of all ages the most loved and anticipated...

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Where There Are Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus map

This map shows the countries/territories that have confirmed cases of the virus as of January 26, 2020.


2020 Year of the Rat... What Will It Bring?!

2020 is the Chinese year of the Rat, the Metal Rat to be more precise. What does that mean? What does it have in store? What about babies born in the Year of the Rat? Find out!

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Chinese New Year Greetings - Gong Xi Fa Cai!

What are some common Chinese New Year Greetings? How do you wish someone a Happy New Year in Chinese? Here are some of the most common phrases and sayings during this most important of holidays. Learn how to write them and make your own greeting cards and banners.

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Chinese New Year Banners and Signs

Let's make some easy Chinese New Year banners and signs with messages of good luck and prosperity. We show you how to write them stroke by stroke.

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Chinese New Year Decorations

So how do Chinese Deck the Halls? For traditional Chinese New Year decorations instead of shiny red Christmas balls we have shiny red lanterns, orange and mandarin trees replace the Christmas tree, and no boughs of holly, nor red berries... try plum and cherry blossoms instead!

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Chinese New Year Firecrackers

Chinese New Year Firecrackers are lit in front of houses and stores so that the evil spirits are scared away from the loud noises. Paper firecrackers are often used as decorations to add to the lively atmosphere of any Chinese celebration, here's how to make some!

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Chinese New Year in London 2020

Chinese New Year in London is a flurry of colorful and energetic lions and dragons parading through the streets, crackling sounds of firecrackers, lively cultural performances, opera, kung fu, acrobats, craft markets and stalls and of course, this being a Chinese festival, food food food!

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Chinese New Year in New York 2020

Chinese New Year celebrations in New York are some of the liveliest most colorful outside of Asia and include a fantastic Firecracker Ceremony on New Year's Day, the Lunar New Year Parade thru Chinatown and a stunning fireworks display with the Empire State Building at its epicenter all decked in red and gold.

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Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

The Chinese New Year Red Envelope is one of the favorite Chinese traditions for children since on New Year's Day, they are given the shiny things with money inside! Who gives, who gets, how much?

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