China Travel Packing List
A Checklist Before You Take Off!

Here's a China Travel Packing List, a useful checklist of essential stuff to take along, and the not so essential stuff that comes in really handy.

Packing for China Trip


Passport and Visa
Credit Cards/ATM Cards
Airline Tickets Confirmation
Tour/Hotel Bookings Confirmation
Health/Travel Insurance Documents
Copies of Passport, ID, Visas, Credit Cards (Keep Separate)

Useful Links:

Do I need a China visa? More than likely yes, here's more info.

Money Matters: where to change money, ATMs, how much money should I bring?

Protect your personal information with these RFID Blocking Sleeves from thieves who use Rfid Readers to actually steal your most private information without your knowledge:

Personal Items

Comfortable clothes and shoes
Money Belt
Glasses. If you wear contacts, be sure to bring your glasses, pollution might be too bad and you will not be able to wear your contacts
Insect repellent
Hand Sanitizer
Baby wipes
Tissues, Toilet Paper
First Aid Kit
Eye Drops
Lip Balm
Nasal Saline Solution

Useful Links:

Dealing with Pollution in China

Weather in China: Dress accordingly

About Chinese Toilets


Camera for the kids
Extra memory cards
Battery Chargers
Phone/Gadget Chargers
Alarm Clock

Useful Links:

Electricity in China: will you need an adapter, a converter, or both?


Snacks, Granola Bars, etc.
Reading Materials
Travel games, toys

Get Packing!

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