China Travel Guide:
Planning your Trip to China

A Step by Step Guide

If planning a China trip seems a bit daunting (specially if this is your first trip), fret no more! Our China Travel Guide will help you navigate through the maze of options based on your travel preferences and budget.

We will cover all from some very essential points like securing your China visa...
... to advice on best times to go...
... places to visit if this is your first time to China...
... to practical information such as changing money...
... what to pack...
... vaccinations...

Here's all you need to know to have a grand time in the Middle Kingdom!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Where To Go In China

Yes! It's a great land! Where to go? Lots of places to see, lots of things to do! Climbing the Great Wall, rickshaw rides, ancient terracotta soldiers, biking in the countryside, stunning mountains, giant buddhas, bamboo rafting, cuddly pandas... take a deep breath...don't cram too much into the schedule... assume you will be back!

China Travel Guide: Weather

Guide to Top Destinations in China

China has much to offer... culture and history... outdoors and nature... incredible modern megacities, quaint little watertowns... More...

China Travel Guide: Map

China Map
What is Where?

Where can you see pandas? Where is the Great Wall? Where are those famous mountains that look like paintings? Mapping major sight and activities... More...

China for First timers: Great Wall

Sample Itinerary for your First Trip to China

This is China 101! Use as a starting point, add and subtract according to your interests! More...

Step 2: When To Go To China

China is a vast area, it has many climate zones and experiences a large range of weather patterns throughout the year. Summers for example, could be very hot and humid in the South and East regions, and winters in the North are bitter cold.

As a general rule, the Spring (April and May) and Autumn (September and October) months are very pleasant to travel in China. The Summer crowds are gone (except during national holidays) and you can find good rates in hotels and transport.

If you are traveling with children, however, you might be limited to the Summer holiday months, so just know that it can get very very hot and humid in some areas, i.e. Shanghai and Hong Kong, bring plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat/cap!

Remember, there is no such thing as "bad weather", only the wrong clothes and gear! Dress and prepare accordingly and have a great time!

Knowing what to expect during the time of your travel is important. If there are any major holidays or celebrations, you need to pay special attention to your transportation and accomodation as this becomes very challenging during these times.

China Travel Guide: Weather

Guide to weather in China's major cities

When is the best time to go? What will the weather be like in... More...

China Holidays and Festivals

China's Main Holidays, Festivals and Events

Don't miss out on that special event, but plan accordingly! More...

China Holidays and Festivals

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Chinese celebrations are rich in tradition and history, great food, dazzling decorations... More...

Step 3: Going To China With A Tour Or On Your Own?

One major aspect will be to decide whether to go on an organized tour or make the arrangements yourself

Step 4: Getting There - Booking Your Flight To China

Where to fly in and out of China? Cheap flights to China can be found from most of the world's major airports to any of the four main hubs for air travel into China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Getting to China is nowadays very easy as there are numerous daily non-stop flights from many cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and South East Asia, and more routes are added every year.

A combination of factors such as oil prices and increased airport taxes throughout the world makes getting cheap flights to China increasingly more difficult. But there are still many ways you can save when booking your air tickets to China.

If traveling with a tour, skip to Step 8. Independent travelers continue to plan accomodations and local transportation.

Step 5: Where To Stay In China - Booking Hotels and Accommodation

As far as your accommodations in China go, you can choose to travel very inexpensively or you can choose to go as luxurious as you wish, you are bound to find something that fits your budget, preferred accommodation type and location.

Hotels, Apartments, Youth Hostels, Rentals... Follow our guide to the different accommodation options you may encounter, the standards you can expect at each and tips on booking and getting the best deals.

Our Where to Stay in China guidelines are not intended to make recommendations of specific places to stay, but to give you an idea of the different accommodation options you may encounter, the standards you can expect at each and tips on booking and getting the best deals.

Step 6: Getting Around in China - Booking Domestic Flights and Trains

When traveling to different cities within China, you should pre-book your domestic transportation if you are traveling on a tight schedule. Otherwise, unless it's during peak holiday season, booking as you go will be fine and might even save you money. There are several options for getting around cities, here are some resources for booking domestic flights and high-speed trains.

China Travel Guide: Weather

Your Flight To China

Where to fly in and out of China? Tips for booking your air tickets to China. More...

China Holidays and Festivals

Where To Stay In China

Hotels, Guest Houses, Apartments, Youth Hostels, Rentals... what to expect More...

China Travel Guide: High-Speed Trains

Getting Around in China

Domestic travel in China: high-speed trains vs. domestic flights? More...

Step 7: Things To See And Do - Booking Activities, Shows, Day Tours

China Travel Guide: Activities Biking

Want to see the acrobats? Hug a panda? Ride some rickshaws or go for a bike ride? It is a good idea to pre-book any activity that you REALLY want to see or do to avoid dissapointment. Activities can be booked separately for each city you wish to visit. It is easy to put your own program together.

We have used and highly recommend GetYourGuide and to book activities, airport transportation, discount tickets to theme parks, etc.

Both are excellent online resources with highly competitive prices that offer hundreds of adventure activities, city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, family-friendly activities, day trips, airport transfers... you name it, in hundreds of different locations, not only in China.

Step 8: Secure a China Visa

A China Visa is needed by all foreign passport holders upon entry into China with very few exceptions. Chances are, you need to get one.

For visa purposes, Hong Kong and Macau are separate Special Administrative Regions and most Western nationals do not require a visa.

If traveling to Tibet, an additional permit is required.

Step 9: Travel Insurance

First review any coverage you might have with your current policies for medical insurance or any coverage provided with your credit card issuer for any travel-related casualties.

We do recommend that everyone traveling to China or any foreign country for that matter get the appropriate coverage to safeguard the holiday from any unexpected incidents.

Travel insurance is not only for medical emergencies, which your existing medical policy may or may not cover, but will also provide assistance in cases of trip delays or interruptions, evacuations, lost baggage... and then there's also the peace of mind of knowing that if something does go wrong there will be a helping hand and someone ready to assist you to sort it out. Considering the cost of a policy, you can not afford NOT to have one!

China Travel Guide: Visa

China Visa

Who Needs One, Where and When to Get It, About the 72 and 144-hour Visa-Free Stopover More...

China Travel Insurance

China Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance? What does it cover? How much does it cost? Get a quote here... More...

Step 10: Staying Healthy in China - Vaccinations and Precautions

Are vaccinations required for China? Can you drink the water?

Although not required, some vaccines are recommended for travel to China. In this section we cover basic safety and health concerns when traveling to China and the precautions you should take to make sure your trip is a healthy and enjoyable one, from drinking the water, food safety, how to deal with pollution, etc.

China Travel Guide: Vaccines

China Vaccinations

There are no required vaccinations for travelers to China, with the exception of Yellow Fever IF you are visiting an infected area prior to your China trip, but some are recommended. More...

China Travel Insurance

Can You Drink The Water?

Tap water is NOT safe in China. Even in the big cities like Beijing, the water itself might be free of contaminants but the plumbing in the city is old and therefore drinking the tap water is not safe. More...

China Travel Guide: Dealing With Pollution

Dealing With Pollution

Air pollution has become a major threat to the population's health and has been highly publicized. Be mindful of the effects the poor air quality might cause. Here are some tips for dealing with Pollution in China. More...

Step 11: Staying Connected in China - Internet, WiFi Coverage, Mobile Phones and SIM Cards

Will my phone work in China? How do I access the internet with my ipad? How do I charge my batteries?

There is no standard for electricity around the world. From voltage differences to the shape and size of the sockets, everytime you travel outside your home country to a different continent, you might find that the electrical appliances you bring can't be readily plugged in the foreign land.

Electricity in China is 220 Volts, this is twice the standard voltage than in North America and some Latin American countries which run on 110V.

In addition, the standard electrical socket where you plug your device consist of two linear pins in a V-shape as opposed to the round pins in European plugs, and the straight linear ones in the U.S.

To overcome these differences, you might need an electrical converter or/and an adapter. For more information see Electricity in China.

Check out these sections that provide answers to some basic questions about internet access, cell phone and tablet use and electricity in China:

China Travel Guide: Electricity

Electricity in China

Do I need an adapter, a converter or both? How to charge my phone, tablets and cameras in China? More...

WiFi Coverage China

Internet, WiFi, VPNs

Wireless Internet in China is widely available; however, note that many websites, specially our usual social media and messaging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not accesible in China. More...

China Travel Guide: Mobile Phones and SIM Cards

Cell Phones and SIM Cards

Will my mobile phone work in China? Here are some tips when using your home cell phone in China as well as whether getting a local China SIM Card is advantageous for you. More...

Step 12: Money Tips for China - Credit Cards, ATMs, Mobile Payments

The Chinese currency is the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi used throughout mainland China. If venturing to Hong Kong, you will need to exchange HK dollars, Macau as well has its own currency, the Pataca.

Where to exchange? How much to bring? Are credit cards widely accepted? How about mobile payments? Here are some answers:

Step 13: China Travel Packing List

China Travel Planner: Packing List

Here's a useful checklist of essential stuff to take along, and the not so essential stuff that comes in really handy.

All done! Relax and Enjoy! Welcome to China!

China Travel Planner: Welcome to China

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