China Economy GDP by Sector

China Economy GDP Chart by Sector

China's estimated GDP for 2014 was comprised of:

Agriculture 9.7% - Industry 43.9% - Services 46.4%

But in terms of which sectors represent the most people, the graph looks a bit different. Even though Agriculture constitutes only 10% of the output, it is more labor intensive and responsible for employing 34% of the labor pool.

China Economy GDP Chart by Sector

Agriculture 33.6% - Industry 30.3% - Services 36.1%*

*Latest figures available for 2012

Agriculture in China

Economy of China: Agriculture, Rice Paddies in Guizhou
Rice Paddy Fields in Guizhou Province

China is the world's largest producer of agricultural products and the #1 producer and importer of rice.

These are some of China's main agricultural products:

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: rice

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: wheat

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: corn

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: potatoes

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: peanuts

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: barley

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: tea

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: soybeans

China Economy GDP - Agricultural products: oilseed

China's Main Industries

Economy of China: Manufacturing  Steel Plant in Shanghai
Shanghai Baosteel Factory

In 2010 China contributed 19.8% of the world's manufacturing output becoming the largest manufacturer in the world.

Major industries in China include:

Consumer products including textiles and apparel, footwear, toys, and electronics

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Shoes

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Toys

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Electronics

Industrial Goods, Mining and Mineral Processing: iron, steel, aluminum, coal, petroleum, cement, chemical and fertilizers.

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Steel

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Coal

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Cement

Automobiles and other Transportation Equipment including rail cars, locomotives, ships and aircraft.

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Auto
Auto Industry

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Rail
Rail Industry

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Ship

Electronic Information Industry The main areas of China's electronic information industry are computer-related goods (including software), communication equipment, electronic parts and household entertainment equipment.

China is the world's largest market for personal computers.

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Computers
PCs and Software

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Electronic Parts
Electronic Parts

China Economy GDP - Manufacturing: Satellite Communication
Communication Equipment

The vast majority of China's mobile phones, notebook computers, color displays and other products in this category are manufactured for export, making China a global production base.

Economy of China: Manufacturing  Garment Factory in Shanghai
A Garment Factory near Shanghai

China Services Sector

The development of the Services sector in China lags that of comparable developing economies as the focus has been in manufacturing and exports. This is gradually changing as the Central Government is committing more efforts and a more open strategy for its services sector.

Key Services in China include:

China Economy GDP - Services: Financial
Financial Services

China Economy GDP - Services: Logistics

China Economy GDP - Services: Transportation

China Economy GDP - Services: Construction

China Economy GDP - Services: Tourism

China Economy GDP - Services: High Tech
High-Tech Services

China Economy GDP - Services: Education

China Economy GDP - Services: Health Care
Health Care

China Economy GDP - Services: Business
Business Services

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