Making your own Chinese New Year Crafts

Let's make some easy Chinese New Year crafts to decorate the house and get in the festive mood. Here we show you how to make paper lanterns, banners with messages of good luck and fortune, lucky red envelopes, Chinese paper fans... and will be adding to the collection, so check back often!

Chinese New Year Crafts and materials to make them

They are all easy to make at home or for school projects and are great decorations for entrances, halls, classrooms, the living room, the garden, a Chinese New Year party, it's all you will need for the celebrations!

Most of the materials we will be using you are likely to have at home or find easily at the craft store.

We have tried all of these ourselves with our kids, some are easier than others, when the kids are likely to need help we let you know.

For the most part, most school-aged kids should be able to do them on their own. For the little ones, a bit of help from mom or teacher will get them on their way.

Here is a selection of easy but great Chinese New Year Crafts to make at home or in school:

Easiest Paper Lantern:
This one is great for little ones and beginners, only six simple steps to this colorful lantern. Try different variations and trimmings.

Red Balloon Chinese New Year Lantern
: The traditional and most popular shape with the Chinese lucky colors. You can also try different variations of this balloon lantern.

Red and Gold Chinese Paper Fan
: Only some red and gold paper, a little folding and you have an awesome decorative piece for the holiday!

Posters and Banners:
Banners and signs with good luck messages for the New Year typically adorn the entrances of homes and businesses. Here's how to make yours, including instructions for writing the symbols one stroke at a time.

Chinese New Year Firecrackers
: Firecrackers (the real kind) are lit in front of houses and stores so that the evil spirits are scared away from the loud noises. Paper firecrackers are often used as decorations to add to the lively atmosphere.

Lucky Chinese New Year Red Envelope
: Just a little red paper to make our envelopes and then write some good luck messages to wish someone a very happy and prosperous new year.

The Square or Box-Shaped Lantern
: This beautiful lantern with 3D rhomboid facets can be hung or placed on a table top, use with a tealight or just for decoration.

Chinese New Year Dragon
: This gorgeous paper dragon, in bright red and gold, the lucky Chinese colors to bring a touch of good fortune and wealth to your home!

More Paper Lanterns!
: Make this easy hanging lantern, only some paper and chord, a little folding and ready!

Different Kinds of Chinese New Year Lanterns to make


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Different Kinds of Chinese New Year Lanterns to make

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