2019 The Year of the Pig... the Earth Pig!

Chinese symbol for Pig 2019 is the Year of the Pig, the Year of the Earth Pig to be more precise. So what does it mean?

Each of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac has unique characteristics and each year corresponds to one animal. 2019 corresponds to the Pig.

Year of the Pig

In addition to the twelve year cycle corresponding to each of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, there are Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) which are associated with their own "life force" or "chi".

This energy blends with the corresponding animal to determine that year's fortune.

In 2019, the corresponding element is once again Earth, as it was in 2018.

Earth is of course also associated with the color brown. The Year of the Earth Pig is therefore also known as the Year of the Brown Pig. You will also see it referred to as The Year of the Yellow Earth Pig, as many people associate yellow with the color of soil and earth.

So what happens when you mix the Pig with the Earth Element?

The Pig is realistic and likes to enjoy life. They have a great sense of humor, therefore enjoy of larger social circles and tend to forge lifelong friendships. Pigs love to entertain and organize gatherings. They are brave, noble and chivalrous and will always seek justice.

The Earth element, by its very nature, denotes origins and growth and is associated with practicality, harmony and hard work. The Earth seeks to nurture and be nurtured, it anchors you and provides stability. It provides your base for prosperity.

An Earth Pig year combines a realistic but happy-go-lucky sociable pig combined with the steady and sensible characteristics of Earth, it heralds a rewarding and prosperous year, a year to enjoy friendships and social contacts and come together for the common good. An Earth Pig combines the relaxed attitude of the animal with a very "down-to-earth" realistic climate, don't try to push too hard, this is a time to take things in stride.

What to watch out for? The carefree and easy disposition of the Pig can be misunderstood as lazy and irresponsible when in fact Pigs are enthusiastic with everything that needs to be done and follow through until accomplished. They are team players and always make sure everyone does well and the goals are attained.

The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese Zodiac, which legend has it, the order of the animals was determined by a race in which the Pig came last. Was it lazyness? Some argue it might have been, others contend it was the Pig trying to encourage everyone along the race, he finally came in last, but as always, got the job done! For the Pig, it was definitely all about the journey and not the destination!

Because of the Pig's willingness to always help others out, it tends to bring good things to everyone around him. The Pig in Chinese culture represents wealth and prosperity.

After a diligent and harmonious Year of the Dog, the Year of the Pig will follow on the same pattern with a bit more relaxation and fun thrown in the mix. Enjoy!

Babies born in the Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig Baby

If your baby is born in the Year of the Pig, he or she will assume the characteristics of the Pig: Pigs are carefree with a wonderful personality and will always be surrounded by good friends. They will be the social butterflies of the family.

Earth Pigs take that another notch, besides being able to make friends easily, their down-to-earth nature makes them very approachable and helpful. They will always have strong support in both their personal and profesional lives and will be blessed with good fortune.

Their diligence, compassion and generous spirit are their main traits. You will be blessed with a buoyant and cheerful Earth Pig baby!

To be born in the Year of the Pig, babies will have to be born from February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020, the last day of the Pig lunar year. If the baby is born on or before February 4, 2019, he or she will be a Dog Baby, if born on or after January 25, 2020, the baby will be a Rat Baby.

The next Year of the Earth Pig will be in another 60 years.

Get ready for a cheerful and generous new year and...

May the Year of the Earth Pig bring prosperity, wealth
and longevity to you and your loved ones!

Writing the Chinese Character for Pig

The Pig character is made up of 11 simple strokes, almost as easy as last year's 8-stroke Dog character. In fact, the left radical is the same. Just follow the order and direction of these 11 strokes for the Chinese Character for Pig:

Chinese character writing pig
Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 1 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 2 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 3 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 4 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 5
Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 6 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 7 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 8 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 9 Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 10
Chinese character writing pig Stroke Order 11

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The Year of the Pig!

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