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Celebrating Chinese New Year is for kids of all ages (and adults for that matter) a most anticipated event. There are many Traditions which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Together with the time-honored Dragon Parades, the energetic Lion Dances, the fireworks, the red envelopes, shiny red lanterns... communities around the world go all out to celebrate the New Year.

For kids, this is a magical time of lively fairs, carnivals, parades... the snacks, the games, the shows, the firecrackers... and what's best, chances are, there is one of these fantastic celebrations near you!

Chinese communities all around the world get together and celebrate the most important of festivals.

Organizers vary from city to city, inquire at your local Chinese community, college or university Asian association, even the local libraries, Chinese restaurants, martial arts schools...

Here are some of the most colorful celebrations around the world!

Chinese New Year in Beijing

Lion Dance at Ditan Temple Fair Beijing

Beijing goes all out for the Spring Festival with an array of Temple Fair celebrations taking place throughout the city and fireworks galore that lit up the city skies on New Year's Eve.

The temple fairs are colorful and lively events with lots happening in these week-long affairs... from stalls overflowing with snacks, handicrafts and decorations, dragon and lion dances, folk and cultural performances, acrobatic and kung fu exhibitions, Chinese opera, games... and lots and lots of people...

Definitely the best way to experience the fantastic festive atmosphere that envelopes the city.

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year Fireworks over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

LATEST NEWS 2022: All large-scale events and Lunar New Year celebrations have been cancelled in Hong Kong for 2022 due to the latest Covid prevention measures. Cancellations include the Night Parade, Fireworks and Flower Markets and Fairs.

Every year, Hong Kong throws one of the biggest parties to welcome the New Year.

Preparations start way ahead the big day at the colorful Flower markets throughout the city, then two of the city's signature events take place: the Hong Kong Chinese New Year Night Parade on New Year's Day and the Chinese New Year Fireworks over Victoria Harbour on the second day of the New Year.

The celebrations culminate on the 15th day of the lunar calendar with the Lantern Festival.

Chinese New Year in Singapore

Chinese New Year Decorations in Singapore

Singapore is a riot of colors and lights during the Chinese New Year festivities. You can soak it all up at the Chinatown Street Light Up where lively performances, lion dances, and bazaars complement fantastic decorations, colorful lanterns and stunning arrangements.

Besides the events held in Chinatown, Lunar New Year highlights in Singapore also include the iconic River Hongbao Carnival, the Chingay Parade and of course the Fireworks.

Chinese New Year in New York City

Chinese New Year Dragon Parade in New York City

Chinatown is the epicenter of the celebrations with a fantastic Parade and Festival and a New Year's Day Firecracker Ceremony.

In addition, don't miss the lavish fireworks display centered around the iconic Empire State Building which is all decked in red and gold...

Chinese New Year in San Francisco

Gold Dragon Parade in San Francisco

San Francisco's Golden Dragon Parade is the main draw of the celebrations which takes place on the first or second Saturday following Chinese New Year and is a favorite of children and adults alike.

Marching bands, colorful floats, shiny lanterns, noisy firecrackers AND a majestic Golden Dragon draw millions of visitors to Chinatown's spring extravaganza!

Other highlight events include the Flower Market Fair to prepare for the New Year and the community Street Fair which takes place on the same weekend of the Grand Parade.

Chinese New Year in Vancouver

Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver

The Chinese community, the cities of Richmond and Vancouver, the business community and the various cultural organizations and sponsors come together to put on a series of magnificent celebrations and events to welcome the Lunar New Year in spectacular fashion.

There is a fabulous Spring Festival Parade through the streets of Chinatown, lively street fairs and markets and dazzling cultural performances throughout the city where restaurants, shopping centers, cultural venues and libraries join in the celebrations.

Chinese New Year in Sydney

Chinese New Year Twilight Parade in Sydney Australia

Our friends Down-Under celebrate in grand style. In fact, Chinese New Year is more than a celebration, it's a tradition that keeps getting better and better!

Sydney celebrates with over 80 events across the city as the Opera House dresses in red for the occasion and bright colorful lanterns pop up all over the land.

Sydney's Chinese New Year Festival is one of the biggest celebrations outside of China and runs for a couple of weeks after the New Year with Lunar Markets, Pop Up Food Festivals, Lion Dances, and even Dragon Boat Racing on the last weekend of the Festival! Other signature events include the Twilight Parade and of course the Fireworks over the Harbour.

Chinese New Year in London

Chinese New Year Lion Dances in London Chinatown

The celebrations in the English capital which take place all over Central London, the West End and Chinatown are the largest outside of Asia and the magnificent parade is the biggest dragon and lion procession in Europe.

Chinese New Year in London is a flurry of colorful and energetic lions and dragons parading through the streets, crackling sounds of firecrackers, lively cultural performances, opera, kung fu, acrobats, craft markets and stalls and of course, this being a Chinese festival, food food food!

Chinese New Year in Madrid

Chinese New Year Traditional Kung Fu Performances in Madrid

Barrio de Usera, Plaza de España and the Chinese Cultural Center are the epicenter of the celebrations for the Chinese New Year in the Spanish capital. The activities are organized by the various community organizations, the Chinese Embassy, the Confucius Institute, the Chinese Cultural Center and many others.

The celebrations take place in the course of a couple of weeks around the date of the lunar new year (could be before or after).

Children will enjoy many outdoor events that normally include fairs with lion dances, Kung Fu exhibitions, cultural performances, as well as a market with traditional crafts, and of course dragon parades. There are also concerts, workshops, gastronomic events, etc.

And don't miss our Chinese New Year picture gallery on Pinterest for more celebrations around the world:

May the New Year turn out to be a very special one for you and your family...
filling each day with peak of health...
abundance of happiness...
bountiful prosperity...
and Zen like serenity...

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái!

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