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What are the top destinations in China? Where to go? China is BIG, and there is so much to see and experience. As one of of the world's ancient civilizations the country is packed with fascinating historical and cultural sites. From picturesque ancient villages to mighty imperial palaces, mind-blowing landscapes and the vastness of the Great Wall...

There is history, traditions and natural beauty in spades... and in total contrast, our megacities are a dazzling array of jaw-dropping skylines and futuristic infrastructure.

So where should you start? First and foremost, don't try to cram too much in too little time. Assume you will be back! For a first trip to China, Beijing is a must... for a look into the future, head to Shanghai... those surreal mountainscapes? Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Yellow Mountain are top picks... and now in the times of social distancing, the outdoors and the myriad of national parks are calling!

Traveling with kids? Soooo much to keep the little ones busy! Pedicab rides in the ancient alleyways... bamboo rafting... toboganning down the Great Wall... biking through the countryside among magnificent scenery... lively markets... kung fu shows... and yes, there's even Disneyland!

Here are a few of our favorite places to get you started on your way to a fantastic China Family Adventure, enjoy!

Where To Go In China - Highlight Destinations

China Travel with Kids


The capital of the Republic and home to many of China's most famous historical sites, including the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. It is also the gateway to the Great Wall.

Kids will enjoy a ride in a rickshaw through the old alley ways, dragon boat rides, flying kites, kung fu shows... Here are Beijing's Top 10 Attractions

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is of course a "must" when visiting China. Kids will enjoy climbing the watchtowers, but they will looove toboganning down this historical site.

There are many sections of the Wall that can be visited, some offer cable cars, toboggans, and trolleys... check them out and decide which one to visit.Read more...

China Facts for Kids


Xian's claim to fame is the Army of Terracotta Warriors, a most intriguing archaeological discovery. But there is more to Xian than the Terracotta Army, not to be missed is the Muslim Quarter, and nearby Mount Hua.

Kids will enjoy riding bicicles on the ancient city wall, haggling at the markets, musical fountains... Read more...

Shanghai Skyline


Shanghai is the nation's business and financial center. A place where East meets West, old meets new... One of the world's most vibrant cities.

From stunning skyline views, to ancient and quaint watertowns, gardens and bazaars, the fastest train in the world, and for the little ones, Disneyland! Here's more...

Li River in Guilin

Guilin / Yangshuo

Guilin and Yangshuo is where you find those picture-perfect magical limestone peaks... You feel as if you were in the middle of a classical Chinese painting...

A cruise down the Li River is a must, but there's also bike riding through the countryside, rafting through the villages, stunning caves and formations, cormorant fishing... it's a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.Read more...

Giant Pandas in Chengdu


In Chengdu you will see Pandas as close to their natural habitat as you can get, it's a great treat to come face to face with one of these wonderful creatures.

Chengdu is a good place to use as a base for exploring the nearby area which is rich in natural beauty, the world's largest Buddha, stunning landscapes at Juizhaigou, the "Yellowstone of China", and Chengdu is also the gateway for travel into Tibet. Read more...

Yangtze River Cruise

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River offers charming mountain scenery at the Three Gorges and the largest hydroelectric project at the Three Gorges Dam where crossing the locks was a highlight.

A visit to an ancient ghost town is on the way, and riding the peapod rafts is one of the highlights.Here's more...

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a complex modern metropolis where glass and steel skyscrapers bond with the ancient culture giving this city such an exotic flavor with its iconic sights like the Star Ferry and Victoria Peak... Kids will love riding the ancient junks, visiting the fishing villages, and who knows, maybe even get a glimpse of the Pink dolphins! Here's more on Hong Kong

China Facts for Kids


This bustling city is a mix of traditional Chinese structures and ultra-modern skyscrapers with an ever-changing skyline.

Riding the bubble tram atop one of China's tallest towers, a fantastic world-class circus, and a very unique safari park give kids and families plenty to do at this mecca for trade fairs and exhibitions. Read more...

Yunnan Province: Black Dragon Pool

Yunnan Province

Yunnan Province is China's South-West jewel, with an incredible variety of striking landscapes, ethnic cultures and wildlife. It claims to be the home of fabled Shangri-La, from stone forests, snow-caped mountains, deep ravines and rice terraces, Yunnan has been blessed with some of the country's most spectacular scenery. Here's more...

Chinese Mountains: Zhangjiajie

Famous Mountain Scenery

Several places in China claim to be the model for the beautiful floating mountains featured in the movie Avatar. Both the peaks of Zhangjiajie National Park and the Chinese Mountains at Huangshan are the biggest rivals. Besides the jaw-dropping scenery, there are plenty of activities for the active families like hiking and rafting. Here's more on finding that iconic Chinese Mountain Scenery

China Travel: Tibet


The Potala Palace, monasteries and temples, a rich culture and of course, you are at the doorstep of Mt. Everest... A trip to Tibet is not for the faint of heart...

Is it OK to travel to Tibet with children? Here are some answers about altitude sickness, strong sun, food, Tibetan dogs, and alternative family-friendly choices to experience Tibetan Culture. Read more...

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