The Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park

The Chimelong Safari Park near Guangzhou, is truly a great place to spend the day with the kids. Also known as the Xiangjiang Safari Park, it contains an amazing selection of beautiful and exotic animals including the world's largest collection of white tigers, a first-class Giant Panda center, and many protected species like the Giant Salamander.

But undoubtedly the main attraction of Chimelong is currently the set of panda triplets born in the park in mid-2014. These are the only live panda triplets in existence in the world today, a very particular and rare event since chances of survival of panda triplets is only 1%.

There are two parts to this park: the "Safari on Wheels" and the walk-through animal exhibits.

The Safari on Wheels portion of the park is the "drive-thru" experience. There are trams that will take you around the savannahs, plains, lakes and all the different habitats where the animals roam around freely. Some of the animals get amazingly close, kids will love this part. The surroundings are beautifully landscaped and quite remarkable.

There is also a self-drive option and the entire loop takes about an hour, depending on how much you stop for photographs. The trams will also stop at several points, but not enough if you really want to stick around and watch the animals and photograph them.

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Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park
The Safari on Wheels
Safari on Wheels -Camels Safari on Wheels - White Tigers Safari on Wheels - Elephants Safari on Wheels - Giraffes Safari on Wheels - Zebras

The walk-through or "zoo" part of the park is where all the different habitats and exhibits are. This is where you find the Giant Panda Center and the different theme areas like the African Savannah with the rhinos, hippos, zebras, giraffes, etc, the Australian Outback, where the koalas and kangaroos are, the tropical jungles, etc.

The park is huge, so it's a good idea to get a guidemap early on and decide what you want to see and do as there are many shows and activities that you might not want to miss!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Giant Pandas
  • The White Tigers (over 100, largest concentration in the world)
  • Feeding the giraffes, riding the elephants, etc.
  • The shows: tigers, elephants, chimpancees, birds, but beware it's all in Chinese.
  • The nursery where the newborns are kept.

Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park
Elephants Bathing
Chimelong Safari Park - elephants bathing Chimelong Safari Park - Koala Exhibit Chimelong Safari Park - Feeding Giraffes Chimelong Safari Park - Chimpancee Show Chimelong Safari Park - Bird exhibits and shows

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The Giant Panda Center is probably one of the best Panda exhibits we have seen other than the panda preserves, and as opposed to the lone Panda here and there that you often see in other zoos or animal parks, here at the Safari Park you can see groups of them playing, eating and interacting, they are quite adorable, we counted up to 9 at one time. Here's a short clip, you can take a peek by clicking on the arrow:

Tips for visiting Chimelong Safari Park

  • Getting There: The park is about an hour from Guangzhou City Center, not exactly just around the corner, but it is very easy to get there with the metro.

    How to get to Chimelong Safari Park

    Take Line 3 to Hanxi Changlong. At the exit there will be shuttle buses that whisk you straight to the entrance of the park, or you can walk, it's about 10 minutes.

  • Safari on Wheels is a must, and better done first thing as soon as you get there in the morning since the lines start getting long in the afternoon. Sit on the right side of the tram, this is the best angle to see the "big" ones, the tigers, lions, etc.

  • Bring mosquito repellent, bugs seem to be a problem here.

  • The Chimelong Safari Park is only one of several attractions by the Chimelong Group and located within a sprawling resort which besides a hotel also include a water park, an amusement park with roller-coasters and rides, a crocodile park and a world-class international circus. The circus is also one of our top picks and we highly recommend it. You can buy a "combo" ticket for the Safari Park and the Circus which will save you some money.

  • For latest information on opening hours and ticket prices check the site.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: An article claiming 23 elephants are being kept under appalling conditions at Chimelong Safari Park has been brought to our attention. The article refers you to this page to make a case for the elephants. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE CHIMELONG SAFARI PARK WEBSITE. We at China Family Adventure are deeply saddened by these news and are investigating further.

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