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Shanghai - old meets new

Shanghai is the nation's business and financial center and one of the world's most vibrant cities. Even though Shanghai does not have the historical treasures that Beijing has to offer, or the amazing archaeological discoveries of Xian, a trip to Shanghai is a trip into the future of this nation. It is here that the sharp contrasts of an ancient culture trying to cope with progress are more evident.

We spent three days in Shanghai, and could have added a couple more! It seems like you never run out of things to do in Shanghai. This is such a dynamic city, there was lots to see and do. This is how we spent our three days:

Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai
Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar
Beautiful classic gardens and fun haggling at the bazaar

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
a landmark of the Shanghai Skyline

Huangpu River Cruise
Huangpu River Cruise
Spectacular views specially at night

Shanghai - Zhujiajiao Water Town
Shanghai Watertowns
Beautiful Zhujiajiao

Shanghai Maglev
Riding the Shanghai Maglev
Fastest train in the world

ERA Shanghai Acrobatics Show
ERA Intersections of Time
Amazing Acrobatics Show

At the Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar, the kids will enjoy buying trinkets, eating dumplings, and strolling in the Old Town atmosphere.

The Yu Yuan Gardens is a typical example of a classic Chinese garden with the basic four elements of a traditional Chinese garden: rocks, water, plants, and architecture. What the kids enjoyed the most though was haggling in the bazaar area after we were done strolling through the garden.

Some great views of Shanghai from the top sphere of Asia's tallest TV Tower. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the everchanging modern Shanghai skyline.

And from the water, the views are no less spectacular. A Huangpu River Cruise is probably the best place to witness the pulse and dynamism of Shanghai. During the day, you can see the activity bustling from the docks on a permanent "rush hour".

There's lots of riverfront activity for sure. Freighters cruise along barges, junks and sampans. We made the evening trip, with the added bonus of the city lights as backdrop.

An easy day trip to explore the contrast of the little picturesque towns just a short drive from the skyscrapers of Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town in the western side of Shanghai. Chinese traditional water towns are notorious for their very old houses lined up along canals and the bridges criss-crossing them.

The Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train in the world in commercial operation. We rode this magnetically levitated marvel on our way to Shanghai's Pudong Airport... it took less than eight minutes!

And don't miss the chance of seeing one of the most spectacular Acrobatics Shows here in Shanghai, ERA Intersections of Time is full of fabulous acts and stunts that will astound you.

Check out these Shanghai Maps which will show you these places locations and help you plan accordingly.

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I Love Shanghai sign
Shanghai Views
I love Shanghai sign Shanghai views: Nanjing Lu at night Shanghai views: Nanjing Lu at night Old Man in Shanghai Chili crabs in Shanghai

more Shanghai pictures here...

And if you're really pressed for time and want to do it all, check out these Shanghai One Day Tours and Activities that can be pre-arranged before your arrival in Shanghai.

What are Your favorite finds in Shanghai?

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