Are Chinese Dragons evil?

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragons are symbols of wealth, wisdom, power and nobility. It was the symbol of the Emperor in ancient China.

Chinese Symbol for Dragon

Dragons in Chinese culture, unlike the Western dragons, are not depicted as enemies to be defeated. They are wise and welcoming and a sign that good things will happen.

Dragons are found everywhere in everyday Chinese life:

  • in architecture at temples, palaces, walls... you will often encounter dragons while traveling through China.

  • at parades specially at Chinese New Year

  • and festivals such as the Dragon Boat Races

  • as decorations and artwork. You will find it in handicrafts, jewelry, porcelain, paintings, embroideries, to name a few!

  • in poetry, legends and folklore, or in the Chinese Zodiac... It is considered a great honor to be born in the Year of the Dragon.

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Distinctive features of Dragons

Since the Dragon is a creature from Chinese mythology and not a real animal, it adopts characteristics from several animals. In Chinese culture the dragon has:

Chinese Dragon Features

  • the body of a serpent

  • the claws of an eagle

  • the legs of a tiger

  • the whiskers of a catfish

  • the antlers of a deer

  • the scales of a fish

About the Dragon and Phoenix

Often we find dragons together with the Chinese Phoenix. The Phoenix is also a creature from Chinese mythology and symbolizes good luck, peace, kindness and glory.

Chinese Dragon and Phoenix

The Chinese considered the Dragon the male element, and the Phoenix, the female element. Together, they both symbolize the union of yin and yang, and a happy marriage.

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