China Trade: Import and Export

China Trade: busy port in China

China is one of the main trading nations in the world. It is the largest exporter of goods, followed by the United States and Germany and the second largest importer after the United States.

World's Top Exporters

Rank Country Exports in trillions
US$ 2021 Est.
1 China $3.554
2 United States $2.557
3 Germany $2.004

World's Top Importers

Rank Country Imports in trillions
US$ 2021 Est.
1 United States $3.402
2 China $3.091
3 Germany $1.775

China's Exports

The United States is China's main export partner accounting for 17% of total exports. Other main export markets are Hong Kong 10% and Japan 6% (2019).

Among the main commodities exported from China we have broadcasting equipment, computers, integrated circuits, office machinery and parts, telephones (2021)

China Main Exports: Electrical Components
Electrical Machinery

China Main Exports: Computer Equipment
Computer Equipment

China Main Exports: Telecom Equipment
Telecom Equipment

China Main Exports: Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuits

China Main Exports: Office machinery and parts
Office Machinery

China Main Exports: Phones

China's Imports

Most of China's imports come from South Korea 9%, Japan 8%, the United States 7%, Germany 7%, Australia 7% (2019)

Main products imported by China include: electrical and other machinery, including integrated circuits and other computer components, oil and mineral fuels, optical and medical equipment, metal ores, motor vehicles, gold

China Main Imports: circuits and components
Circuits and Components

China Main Imports: Oil and minerals
Oil and Minerals

China Main Imports: Optical and Medical equipment
Optical and Medical Equipment

China Main Imports: Metal Ores
Metal Ores

China Main Imports: Vehicles

China Main Imports: Gold

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