Beijing Attractions - Making the best of China's famous historical sites... with the kids

Beijing, the Capital of the People's Republic of China, is a city that has seen the rise and fall of many imperial dynasties and has now transformed into a vital, fashionable and vibrant city.

Beijing Forbidden City

The Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 were China's chance to shine and for many people, the first look at this nation which had been closed to outsiders for such a long time.

Upon arriving at the airport and hopping on a taxi the efforts and preparations that went into the city's transformation for this event are evident. Efforts that involved the people as well. Our driver told us all taxi drivers were required to learn some English... there's signs on the freeway reminding you to use your blinker before changing lanes... to be courteous... etc. etc... there was a wonderful sense of excitement and pride.

We saw a lot of security on the streets, specially on the crowded areas to keep pick-pockets away. Although you will be more concerned with not being ran over when crossing the streets!!! You have to be specially careful with the children.

Seeing the Sights...

Beijing with kids could be a scary proposition! Beijing is home to China's most famous historical sites.

So you find yourself at the Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world, the sight is impressive, and you can't help feeling the excitement of being in the middle of all that history...

Yet, the kids are getting bored after rows of temples and buildings that are starting to look all the same...

what to do? Keep it short! Take a brief walk to nearby Bei Hai Park and rent a pediboat to unwind... Head over to Tian'anmen Square and fly a kite...

Beijing with Children!

Here's a short list of kid-friendly activities to combine with your sightseeing.

And check out the Beijing Map for their locations to help you plan accordingly.

You will never run out of things to do in Beijing! Have Fun!

Beijing - Flying Kites in Tiananmen Square
Flying Kites
in Tian'anmen Square

Beijing  Hutongs - Rickshaw Ride
Riding Rickshaws through
the Beijing Hutongs

Giant Pandas at Beijing Zoo
Check out the Giant Pandas
at the Beijing Zoo

Beijing - Forbidden City
Be an Emperor for a Day
at the Forbidden City

Beijing - Great Wall of China
Climb the Great Wall...
Toboggan down!

Beijing - Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven
an Architectural Marvel

Beijing - Kung Fu Show
Need more action?
How about a Kung Fu Show!

It is important to keep an easy and relaxed schedule so everyone can enjoy the trip.

We'll say this again: Don't try to cram too many things on any one day. This is key in Beijing, since there is so much to see and do.

Everything seems to be on that "must-see" list, but the truth is, you don't have to do it all!

It really isn't necessary to stop at all the gardens, shrines or monuments just to "fill the schedule".

(Point Over the Thumbnails at the Bottom to Scroll through the Photos)

Beijing Travel Temple of Heaven
Beijing: Temple of Heaven
Beijing Travel Temple of Heaven Beijing Travel Temple of Heaven  Beijing Forbidden City Beijing Forbidden City Beijing Forbidden City
Beijing Forbidden City Beijing Forbidden City Great Wall Beijing Travel Great Wall Beijing Markets
Beijing Beihai Park Beijing Forbidden City Giant Pandas Hutongs Beijing Summer Palace

...see more China Pictures...

And if you're really pressed for time and want to do it all, check out this Beijing One Day Tours and Activities that can be pre-arranged before your arrival in Beijing

Beijing Travel Table of Contents

The Great Wall of China
Journey to the Great Wall of China... several portions of the Wall are now accessible, where should you go with the kids? will grandma be able to climb? Badaling? Mutianyu? Simatai? Read more...

Great Wall at Badaling
The Great Wall at Badaling was the first to open to tourists in 1957. It is the most popular due to its proximity to Beijing and therefore it is also very crowded. This section is fully restored.

Great Wall at Mutianyu
The Great Wall at Mutianyu is fully restored, has handrails at the steep parts and a cable car and chair lift that will bring you all the way up the wall. Slide down the toboggan to get back!

Great Wall at Juyongguan
The Great Wall at Juyongguan is the closest section to Beijing and has been newly renovated. The refurbishment has been so complete, many feel it is too sanitized and has lost some of its authenticity.

Great Wall at Huanghua
The Great Wall at Huanghua used to be the closest you could get to the genuine experience, within a short distance from Beijing. It's currently undergoing some restoration and might be closed.

Great Wall: Trekking from Simatai to Jinshanling
The sections of the Great Wall at Simatai and Jinshanling are less developed and in a more natural state than the sections closer to Beijing. The journey is a well-worth 3-hour drive. Take a look at the awesome scenery here

Great Wall of China Map
There is a number of Great Wall of China locations open to visitors and easily accesible from Beijing, we have marked some of the most popular ones in this map of the Great Wall.

The Badaling Toboggan
The Badaling Toboggan, is not really a toboggan, it is more like a series of trolleys on rails, sort of like a roller coaster, a very slow one, that bring you down from the top of the wall, a nice and fun alternative to the cable car...

The Simatai Zipline
After a long trek from Jinshanling to Simatai, a zipline awaits you to bring you the last few hundred feet down to the other side of Simatai. Take a look at this fun video

Simatai Video
The Simatai and Jinshanling sections of the Great Wall less developed and in a more natural state. Take a look at this Simatai video for some awesome scenery

Your Great Wall Stories
Have you been to the Great Wall of China lately? Share your Great Wall Adventures with us and the world! See what other visitors have shared.

Flying Kites in Tiannamen Square
Tiananmen Square is the world's largest square. Children will enjoy a break to fly kites. Afternoon is the best time as it is not so crowded...

The Forbidden City -Be an Emperor for a Day!
The Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world, is a huge complex of halls, gates, towers, courtyards, gardens. Home to 24 emperors in two dynasties, it was finally opened to the masses in 1949.

At the Temple of Heaven
We bring you to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. A complex of temples where the Emperor used to pray for a good harvest. Watch our pictures and video from our fun visit!

Riding Rickshaws in the Hutongs
Ride a Rickshaw through the Beijing Hutongs!... Discover the thousands of lanes weaving between the old courtyard homes where most Beijing residents used to live..

Giant Pandas at the Beijing Zoo
Giant Pandas are unique to China. If you happen to be in Beijing, stop by and have a look at the Beijing Zoo!

Kung Fu, Acrobatics or Opera in Beijing?
Take a peak at the Shaolin Kung Fu performance, the Acrobats Troupe and Peking Traditional Opera, the choice is yours when you visit Beijing!

Beijing Map
This Beijing Map shows you the main attractions and must sees in this ancient capital

Beijing 2008 Olympics - China's Coming Out Party!
Here's some fun facts about the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Beijing One Day Tours and Activities
Here's a list of Beijing one day tours if you are pressed for time and would like to cover as much ground as possible. You can make arrangements in advance and simply get picked up at your hotel.

Old China Pictues - Beijing in the 80's
Here are some old China pictures taken during our first trips to China in the 80s. Much has changed to say the least, but some things remain... the dynamism of the cities, the magnificence of the Great Wall... Enjoy

Things to Do in Beijing: Your Stories
The kids will never run out of things to do in Beijing. From flying kites, Pandas and rickshaw runs... This is what our visitors had to say.

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