The Canton Tower

The Canton Tower

The Canton Tower is one of the most recognizable features of the constantly-changing Guangzhou skyline.

Known as the "slim-waist" among the locals for its marvelous twisting structure, it has quickly become the icon of the city.

Built in 2010 and standing at 600 meters high, it was up to August 2013 the tallest structure in China, when it was surpassed by the Shanghai Tower.

Besides offering some extraordinary views of old and new Guangzhou, there is plenty to keep young and old occupied: Bubble trams that float on the tower's exterior, Mega Drops, glass platforms to name a few.

The Tower itself and its surroundings along the Pearl River are definitely worth a visit, whether during the day or at night.

Up the Canton Tower Observation Decks

When visiting the Tower you will be faced with many options and activities at the several levels of the tower. It was a bit confusing trying to figure out the different zones and ticket combos being offered, so here we try to break it down and simplify it a bit.

These are some of the highlights and main activities offered at the Canton Tower:

Canton Tower
Inside Observation Decks
Great views of the city, check out the glass platforms where you can step out and peer down below! (428m and 433m))

Canton Tower
Outside Observation Decks
Stunning uninterrupted views. The 488 Lookout Open Air Observation Deck is the highest point.

Canton Tower
Bubble Tram
A set of 16 slow-moving bubbles turn around slowly outside the perimeter of the tower giving you a thrilling 360 view. Ride lasts about 25 minutes. (455m)

Canton Tower
The Mega Drop
Free-falling from the antenna at the top of the tower, a 30-meter fall in about 1.4 seconds. At 485 meters high, this is the highest drop ride in the world. (455m-485m)

Canton Tower
Spider Walk
You climb on the outside of the tower, between the 33rd and 65th Floors. With 1,028 steps and
1,000 meters, the longest spiral staircase in the world! (168m-334m)

Canton Tower
Restaurants with killer views
Cantonese, French, Mediterranean Cuisine, take your pick and make a reservation!

All of the above activities with the exception of Spider Walk are found in Zone E. Spider Walk is in Zone D. The tower is divided into Zones that are open to the public. Here's a recap of each zone:

Canton Tower Zone and Activity Guide
Zone Floor Featured
Zone A Ground - 1F Chopstix Asian Restaurant
Tower Arcade Stores
Zone B 17F-22F 4D Cinema
Zone C 31F-32F Sky Teahouse
Zone D 33F-65F
Spider Walk
The Wine Lounge
Zone E 103F-104F
The Color China Cantonese Restaurant
Lutece French Revolving Restaurant
Twist Mediterranean Revolving Restaurant
Zone E 107F-108F
Inside Observation Decks
Science Exhibition Halls
Zone E 111F-112F Open Air Observation Deck
Access to Bubble Tram, Mega Drop and 488 Lookout

So, what to choose? We thoroughly enjoyed the Bubble Tram and the Observation Decks and highly recommend both. The views at night are breathtaking:

(Point Over the Thumbnails at the Bottom to Scroll through the Photos)

Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Views
Night views of the Guangzhou skyline from the Inside Observation Deck
Night Views from Canton Tower Observation Deck Night Views from Canton Tower Observation Deck Night Views from Canton Tower Observation Deck Night Views from Canton Tower Observation Deck Night Views from Canton Tower Observation Deck
Canton Tower Zone E Attractions Canton Tower Bubble Tram Views Canton Tower Bubble Tram Views Canton Tower Antenna Canton Tower Bubble Tram Views

Ticket prices for the different activities vary depending on time of day (pm more expensive), number of attractions you want to combine, even number of people, as there are "family rates" available.

Also beware of specific height and age requirements for some of the attractions.

For more info check the Canton Tower Official Site.

The Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza

The Outdoor Plaza offers outstanding views of the skyline accross the river, which includes the Guangzhou International Finance Center Building, with 103 Floors, Guangzhou's tallest building, as well as the Guangzhou Opera House, and the Guangdong Museum.

It is definitely worth a stroll around the fantastic architecture, the close-up views of the Canton Tower, the pleasantly landscaped areas and the river.

Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Views
Views of the Guangzhou Skyline from the Outdoor Plaza
Guangzhou International Finance Center is Guangzhou's tallest building
Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza Canton Tower Outdoor Plaza

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At night, the tower is lit with changing colors, check it out as the tower morphes from red to blue to green to purple and all shades in between! Click on the arrow to watch:

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