Biking on the Xian Wall

Xian City Wall Xian City Wall Xian City Wall

The Xian Wall is the most complete city wall that has survived China’s long history. It was built originally to protect the city in the old Tang dynasty and has now been completely restored.

It is possible to walk or bike around the entire perimeter, about 14 km.

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We accessed the wall through the South Gate. The wall is 12 meters high and from here you get a glimpse at the commotion both inside and outside the City Walls.

Xian Wall Weapons

There was a lively contrast between the tall buildings rising next to little markets bustling with activity.

After spending some time looking at all the defensive gear on display at the wall, we decided it was time for some action and what better than to ride on a piece of history!

We hired our bikes from the rental place at the South Gate. The bikes were a bit rickety but did the job. It’s only a couple of dollars to rent the bikes, but you have to leave a deposit, about $15-$20 or so per bike.

Biking on the Xian Wall

They had tandem bicycles available, so we let Christopher ride with dad, just a little bit of "insurance" in case he started acting up mid-way through the route.

Xian Wall Tandem Bike

It took us about 3 hours to go all the way around the Xian City Wall.

Supposedly you can do it in two, but we stopped at the different gates and watchtowers to take pictures and just to watch Xian's residents going about their daily routines.

This is an easy ride, a little bumpy perhaps, but nothing too strenuous.

Make sure you bring something to drink, specially on hot days. There were very few vendors around once you get underway, so better be prepared.

Thankfully, the Wall was wide enough and we managed not to run over anything or anybody!

There was also some sort of "changing of the guard", specially for tourists I'm sure, at one of the gates and it was fun to take a break and watch.

Xian Wall Warriors at Gate

Grandma and Grandpa were not up to biking the Xian Wall, so they rode the golf-carts that brought them around and stopped at the interesting points as well. I believe their ride took about one and a half hours.

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