Kung Fu, Acrobatics or Opera in Beijing

Chinese Acrobats in Beijing Kung Fu Shaolin Show in Beijing Beijing Opera

Shaolin Showdown!

Kung Fu is a generic term for the many diverse Chinese Martial Arts. Martial Arts have been applied by the Shaolin Monks for over fifteen hundred years, as a distinctive expression of their religion. The term Shaolin has become to represent discipline, power and courage.

Kung Fu Show in Beijing

The Shaolin Shows in Beijing are action-packed performances, dynamic and mystical, full with quantum leaps, power and speed. It was the perfect end to a long day, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. We highly recommend it!

The Kung Fu Show in Beijing we attended was "The Legend of Kung Fu", at the Red Theatre. Check the location on our Beijing Map here.

There are several daily performances.

Tickets: Adults Rmb 262 Children Rmb 236

You can buy discount tickets online in advance at klook.com Adults Rmb 262 Rmb 196 US$29 Children Rmb 236 Rmb 156 US$23

There are also different tour packages, some include a little sightseeing, dinner and a show, you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel making it very hassle free. See below for some options.

Chinese Acrobats

Another alternative that will please the young minds, is a Chinese Acrobatic Show. These are astonishing performances. It is amazing how the young acrobats contort themselves while balancing objects with extraordinary accuracy, grace and coolness.

They make it all look so easy, what in reality must have taken years and years of determination and practice. Beijing is a good place to catch one of this shows. If you happen to miss it here, Shanghai is also a good place to see them.

Take a look at this short clip from the Chaoyang Acrobatic Troupe:

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera

Chinese Opera is a widespread style of drama.

It is drawn from popular legends and folklore which is characterized by face painting, acrobatics and elaborate costumes. Traditional Chinese instruments accompany the acting. Dialog is in Chinese.

Most children probably wouldn’t appreciate this kind of play. My guess is they would enjoy a Martial Arts or Acrobatics Show over a Beijing Opera performance. But here's a sample for you to decide:

Watch more China videos...

Most Popular Beijing Shows

About Beijing Opera Masks...

Beijing Opera Masks

Opera Facial Make-Up utilize many colors, each representing a unique stereotype character.

In general,
red symbolizes devotion and loyalty
purple embodies fortitude and resourcefulness
black manifests faithfulness and integrity
white implies craft
blue represents valor and vigor
green signifies justice and chivalry
yellow exemplifies cruelty

Dark red is reserved for loyal old generals while golden and silver are used for Buddha, gods, ghosts and demons.

Opera facial make-up is the product of fine artisanship. It has become part of the masterpieces played through the years and a very intrinsic part of Chinese culture and art.

Chinese Opera Masks make excellent decorations.

Chinese Opera Masks
Size: 10" x 4"
(25.5cm x 10cm)
100% Hand made

More Chinese Opera Masks here

Artistic Chinese Creations

Chinese Cultural Products

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