Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

2008 drummers set the stage for the perfect countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony at the Bird’s Nest on Friday, 08/08/08. It was a spectacular performance that commanded the highest price tag in Olympic history.

It took 22,000 people to put the entire production together, including 15,000 performers and their extravagant costumes. Over 40,000 fireworks were lit.

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China's Team was led by basketball idol Yao Ming together with a 9-year-old boy that survived the Sichuan Earthquake in May.

Li Ning, China's first Olympic star and six-time gymnastics gold medalist, carried the torch that lit the Olympic flame in the huge cauldron overlooking Beijing as fireworks exploded all accross the skyline:

This was the longest Torch Relay ever in Olympic history as the Torch traveled 137,000 kilometers around the world.

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