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Whether you will be traveling to China with the children, or just want to learn more about those mighty Chinese Dragons...

We bring China to you in these pages, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed putting them together!

What is China Family Adventure? This is a site about China for kids and families all over the world, that share our same interest and enthusiasm about China and Chinese Culture. The site is possible thanks to our many friends and readers who have kindly contributed their experiences so we can all enjoy and benefit from them.

China Travel with Kids
China Travel

Chinese Culture for Kids
Chinese Culture

China Facts for Kids
China Facts

About China Travel with Kids

China travel is not only about temples and imperial palaces, Peking Opera and Buddhas... Your China Family Adventure is about climbing watchtowers... exploring narrow alleyways... flying kites... coming face to face with giant Pandas... cruising rivers on bamboo rafts... and so much more!

Planning a trip to China with children takes on a different meaning. It has to be beyond the rich culture and beautiful scenery. It's about making more than five thousand years of history come alive...

  • about exploring those ancient walls... by bicycle
  • about cruising the waters traveled by emperors long ago... on a dragon boat
  • about flying kites... in the world's largest square...
  • about keeping the kids engaged, involved, entertained and out of trouble!

China is not regarded as your typical destination for a family vacation with small children. People will tell you it's too crowded, too polluted, all that sightseeing, culture and history will bore the daylights out of them...

Children with Chinese Warriors at the Great Wall

Well yes, it will be crowded and the air quality is a real problem, but with a little planning and an open mind, a China travel experience can be such an eye opener, an exploration journey and fabulous adventure for the family!

Ours started when my parents, who are originally from South China, were keen on visiting their homeland and wanted to bring the grandkids along. It was an experience we will treasure forever. We have ever since gone back a few times and each and every time is special and unique, the changes are just mind-boggling.

And so, a China travel experience isn't just history and the past, it's also about the future, about the impressive transformation this land of contrasts is going through... about the progress and the serious challenges.

We rode the fastest train in the world... at 433 km/hr it took all but 5 minutes to get to the airport in Shanghai.

And cruising through the largest hydro development project ever built at the Three Gorges Dam was like a ride out of Starship Enterprise... truly amazing.

About Chinese Culture...

We will be learning about Chinese Culture at every turn... Chinese Ghosts, Chinese Lanterns... Good Luck Numbers, Bad Luck Numbers... Lion Dances and mighty dragons... Our favourite Chinese Festivals and how they are celebrated... We take you on that colorful journey as well...

Here are some of our favorite and most popular aspects of Chinese Culture to get you started:

Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Festivals
Chinese Festivals

Chinese Food
Chinese Food

And some China Facts for Kids...

Want to learn more about China? Here are some facts about this fascinating land... Where is China? What are some animals native to China? What is life in China like?...

Whether you are researching a bit about China for a school project or just want to learn more about the land and its people, our China Facts for Kids pages will get you started.

Chinese Characters for China
China Quick Facts

China Geography
China Geography

Old Chinese Man
People and Life

And don't forget to check out our maps, from highlights and main cities, to rivers, mountains and deserts, it's a big country!

We are here to share experiences from our family travels in China as well as from our own cultural heritage, and help you on your way to having your own China Family Adventure!

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Chinese Festivals For Kids!

The Lantern Festival is on February 19, 2019

Chinese lantern festival

Learn more about the Lantern Festival here.

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